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Quick Mark(Easy Knock)L Whiteboard Marker, MRW-107

Product Detail Information


Retractable Marker?

*The longest writing length (3,000ft/ 1,000m) among white board markers.

*Easy to use with retractable type. (fast writing in one hand)   

*Clip is moved up slightly and nib is moved inside for smooth writing. 

*Domestic and internation patent. 

*Inner box can be used for display stand. 

*Caution : Horizantal storage. 

*Writing length of our markers are 3-4 times longer than other products!      


*Product Details 

- Anti-dry device inside + Spring structure application 

  Without cover, it’s easy to use by one touch


- With clip attached, it’s easy to carry and practical

- Patented Retractable Marker is recognized globally


- We make OEM for different countries such as USA, Japan, Europe.

  That proves our product quality. (We supply products to leading

  stationery companies such as Pentel, BIC, etc.)


- Retractable design can be used in different areas such as industry, 

  cosmetic, medicine (whenever cover needs, application is possible)



*Product Feature

length: 144.5mm

width: 23.3mm

height: 28 mm

weight: 34.5-35.5 g


*Product Material

Polypropylene, Plycarbonate, Polyacetal





Product Detail Image

Retractable Whiteboard Marker

Retractable Whiteboard Marker